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It has been a month since I had a myomectomy with Dr. and I must say that both the treatment and the improvement has been 10. I was surprised by the close and attentive treatment that she has had with me and my family, and without a doubt I would recommend it to any woman that is going through these symptoms to be checked with a real specialist like her. Thank you Dr. My quality of life has improved a lot.


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Another gynecologist referred me to do an ultrasound, he diagnosed what no one had diagnosed, they operated on me, Dr. Carmona and she, the operation has been a success. I will always be grateful for her professionalism and her treatment of her so humane and kind. The treatment of the staff of the Santa Elena Clinic, and of Tamara and Eva have also been great.

Eunice Garrido

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I'm Lola, I'm 35 years old and a year and a half ago they told me I had 2 or 3 fibroids, but it's good that nothing was wrong. My quality of life worsened horribly, with heavy periods for 12 days and bleeding every x time. In a year and a half I attended several gynecologists and none of them told me that they were to operate, knowing that both my partner and I wanted to be parents. I got tired and investigating I saw Doctor Cañete and I did not hesitate to ask her for an appointment...

Lola Fregenal

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Very grateful for the personal treatment, the tranquility and the empathy in the face of such a delicate situation, the clarity of the explanations to face my case, getting involved in their personal assessment and transmitting so much security. The positivity and optimism transmitted before the intervention, solving all kinds of doubts and fears, the attention and delicacy during the postoperative period, the help of Tamara with all the issues that arose...

Marta Alonso

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Hi, I'm Sandra and I'm 33 years old. I had 3 fibroids that were preventing me from getting pregnant, the specialists I went to before Dr. Cañete always told me about open surgery, laparotomy (if I'm not mistaken), which did not convince me since I am not yet a mother. I found Dr. Cañete and from Malaga my husband and I took a suitcase and went to the office, from the first moment she gave me a lot of security...

Sandra Rodriguez

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Hi, my husband and I couldn't get me pregnant, even with 3 failed IVFs. So after verifying in the various tests they did, that I had 1 intramural myoma and 2 subseroses, luckily they told me about Dr. Cañete. From the beginning the treatment was exceptional, humane and close, explaining everything to me in detail. I decided to have a laparoscopic myomectomy on January 30, 2020. After a 4-month recovery, and following the doctor's recommendation, we finally achieved that desired pregnancy...


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3 years ago I was diagnosed with a myoma of about 5 cm that had doubled in size. The solution given my age (49 years) was to remove my uterus. I immediately decided to ask for a second opinion and a friend who had been a patient of Dr. Cañete recommended her to me, she told me that she would not be in better hands. On September 9, I went to her consultation with a nervous wreck and I met a doctor who is not only a magnificent professional but the humane treatment she gave me was incredible...


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Today, 1 year ago, I had surgery on a myoma a "little bit" big with a team of wonderful people, at the head of which is DRA CAÑETE. I put myself in their hands by the TRUST, the TREATMENT and the PROFESSIONALISM transmitted. Fully recovered many months ago, 1 year later, I just wanted to thank you: it is a pleasure to have a team like yours, so much...


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My experience with Dra. Cañete has been wonderful. Thanks to her I have preserved my organs and I will be able to have children, something that here, in my community they did not even value. She has opened to me a world that I thought was lost, that I no longer believed could be possible. The complex intervention of her was carried out without any problem, in fact she has been so close at all times, that I have felt calm, protected and in the best hands. I encourage all women...


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On July 1, Dr. María Luisa Cañete, together with her team, performed an open laparotomy multiple myomectomy, through which 8 fibroids were removed. The intervention went very well and most importantly, I was able to preserve my uterus. Dr. María Luisa has been watching over me from the first minute. After her intervention, she has worried every day about how she was evolving and it has given me a lot of peace of mind to be able to talk to her and ask her my questions.

Silvia Martín

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On July 20 at the Quirónsalud Toledo Hospital, Dr. Cañete, together with Dr. Hernández and her entire team, performed an open laparotomy myomectomy. They removed 8 fibroids, the largest being 16 cm. Despite the complexity of the intervention, everything was successful and I keep my uterus intact with the great hope of fulfilling the dream of being a mother. After knowing my diagnosis in the social security, where they told me that I would lose my uterus with high probability due to the complexity of the situation; I decided to attend Dr. Cañete's consultation, from which I left with great satisfaction and gratitude for the treatment I received...

Ascensión J. Fdez.

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I had two fibroids detected a long time ago. After suffering more and more pain and bleeding, I decided to consult the opinion of several gynecologists, who recommended the removal of the uterus, as they considered it to be the most suitable solution to my problem. After reading on the internet the very good opinions that Dr. Cañete had, as well as her excellent resume on the subject, I went to her consultation. From the first moment she recommended the extraction of fibroids...

Sandra Laura

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