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I describe María Luísa as wisdom, experience, professionalism, rigor and a lot of love. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for women and did with me.

Olga Pros

December 20, 2023

Comment on:

She is a great professional, I recommend her to all those women who have problems with fibroids, I had surgery three weeks ago, and where others saw a problem, the doctor gave me a solution, I feel very well, and most importantly I keep my uterus...


July 29, 2023

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Close and clear doctor in explanations. Postoperative and excellent recovery.


June 15, 2023

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Affectionate, close and professional. Perfect myomectomy. Thanks to her, the fibroids disappeared and I was able to get pregnant. Definitely the best doctor on this subject.


January 13, 2023

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Thank you Doctor Maria Luisa Cañete for saving my uterus. Before arriving at your consultation, I traveled through several hospitals, public and private, desperately seeking a conservative treatment for my uterus. They told me that they could not remove only the fibroids because they were many and very large, and if they removed all the fibroids, my uterus would be unusable. Because of the cuts they had to make, the best thing for everyone was a hysterectomy. Psychologically I sank because...

María del Cisne

October 21, 2022

Comment on:

I would like to start my review with the following title: “Doctor Cañete and her team have saved my life, eternally grateful”. After this, I would like to briefly tell my story (I say briefly because I wish I could explain the whole process in detail, but I am going to focus on the key parts, since I think that if any of you are reading these lines and find yourself in my situation, I hope this reflection will help you as much as it helped me when I read them back in the day)...


August 19, 2022

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Three days ago Dr. Cañete and her team performed a laparotomy myomectomy on me, and I have no words to thank them for the work they do. They have solved my problem with a giant fibroid, they have treated me with great care and with all the delicacy in the world, and the operation has been a success. The postoperative period is going great, Dr. Cañete is pending 24/7. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I can't forget about Tamara, a wonderful person...

Ana Merino Vázquez

August 9, 2022

Comment on:

The Dra and her team are very close, they explain the entire process in detail and are available to answer any questions that may arise 365/24.


June 27, 2022

Comment on:

One of the best in the world there are no words to describe, she has removed a 10 x 14 fibroma I was in heavy bleeding and a lot of pain I have recovered my life thanks doctor.


June 22, 2022

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It's been almost 3 months since I put myself in the hands of the Doctor and her team, everything went great and the recovery was very good and fast. Finally, I feel that this nightmare is over and that I can lead a normal life again. Thank you very much for everything.

María González Giraldo

March 10, 2022

Comment on:

I am delighted and very relieved to have met and put myself in the hands of this exceptional Doctor. It has been fortunate to have been treated by her and her team since it was a complicated operation with several fibroids, one of them quite large, and a conization. Enchanted by both the professional and personal treatment. The tranquility and security I felt when I met her made me emotional. I have to say that the recovery is very good and that both she and her team have been of great help. Tamara, beautiful and always attentive, thank you very much Dr. María Luisa Cañete, infinite thanks.


January 3, 2022

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I decided to put myself in her hands and have surgery with her because she was the only doctor who explained everything to me well, what up had and gave me the confidence that I did not have to have surgery at Social Security. It is the best decision I could make. Just a month ago today I had surgery. Everything went perfect, the medical and human treatment was exceptional. Worried at all times after the operation and even today she often asks me how I am doing...

Nuria López

December 3, 2021

Comment on:

The doctor is an eminence in her specialty and both she and her team have great human quality and great dedication to patients. One feels in the best hands.

Marta Fdez

December 3, 2021

Comment on:

Well after so many visits to gynecologists and without any solution to my abundant bleeding and painful periods without knowing what to do, I start to investigate and I find Dr. M Luisa Cañete and her wonderful team, they have performed a magnificent operation on me and without removing my uterus. which is what everyone told me. But I found Dr. María Luisa and her wonderful team that have left me as good as new, it is more the first rule after the operation has been without that abundant bleeding and without pain at all.


December 3, 2021

Comment on:

Hello, I want to help other people by exposing my case and valuing my very satisfactory experience with Dr. Cañete and her entire team. After coming from a bad experience in the S. Social, in which if I had continued, I would almost certainly have lost my uterus and my desire to be a mother. I searched the internet for a specialist in fibroids and I found Dr. Cañete, thanks to all her good opinions I decided to go to her office...


September 8, 2021

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I thank Dr. Cañete and her medical team, Tamara for all the attention, patience and trust they gave me, for her time, for her quality of work, I am immensely grateful for her responsibility and professionalism. I have no doubt an excellent medical professional.


August 29, 2021

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I postponed the operation for many years for fear of the operating room and its risks before becoming a mother. But from the first moment I met Dr. Cañete I knew she was in the best hands! I'm already recovered and happy and it's only been 3 weeks!


July 31, 2021

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She was very honest and direct with me, and if I wanted the bleeding problems to be solved and to be able to be a mother, I had to have surgery for the fibroids I had, which were not very large but their location was not good. I had a laparotomy a month ago in Toledo and they removed 8 fibroids, the largest being 5cm. The operation went very well, the treatment of Dr. Cañete at all times was excellent...

Teresa Linares

June 29, 2021

Comment on:

Cañete leads a very well-knit and efficient team. It is true that the days before the surgery are bad, but my surgery went perfectly and the treatment was great. Six months later, during the check-up, a polyp was detected and I underwent a hysteroscopy at Quiron Toledo. I have to say that the treatment and excellent results were also there. I don't know if I will be able to be a mother or if my body will generate more fibroids/polyps, but I have to tell you that my quality of life has improved and I have good memories of the surgeries. Congratulations to all the team!

Ana María GM

May 10, 2021

Comment on:

It's been almost a month since my operation for a giant 15 cm fibroid, I'm fine, Dr. María Luisa Canete was the only one who gave me guarantees of resolving the ulcer, I say that there are no impossible fibroids, you just have to put yourself in the right hands like the doctor and her team, with experience and knowledge to face the most difficult cases. many thanks to doctor María Luisa canete and her team and Tamara. An arm to all.

Sabah moussaou

May 10, 2021

Comment on:

After almost four years with fibroids that produced very abundant and painful periods, later becoming permanent bleeding, I found Dr. Cañete, from the first consultation she gave me a lot of confidence. She listed the symptoms that I suffered from one by one and she clearly indicated the steps to follow if she wanted to solve my problem. We got down to it and together with Carmona they intervened five months ago. I can only express that I feel enormously grateful, my life has completely changed.

Teresa Linares

May 2, 2021

Comment on:

After a terrible experience with the "doctors" of the Social Security, I went to Dr. Cañete to assess my case. She offered me enormous trust and putting myself in her hands has allowed us to have a beautiful little girl. I wish I had gone to see her sooner. I trust that these words push all those who go through the same situation to visit it.


April 4, 2021

Comment on:

After almost a month of surgery, I can only thank Dr. Cañete for the care received; careful and considerate at all times, and also to her team, especially Tamara, always so attentive and available! Girls! If you have any doubts, put yourself in the hands of a professional. My advice: Don't think about it, choose Dr. Cañete and her team, I didn't hesitate and I don't regret having done so. Thanks from my heart.

Yolanda PF

March 29, 2021

Comment on:

I had 11 fibroids removed, 8 small and 3 large (one of them 14cm). I write my opinion here because reading the opinions of other patients helped me a lot, both to reassure me and to have confidence. Of course, putting myself in the hands of Dr. Cañete and her entire team has been the best decision I have made, due to her experience, her empathy, her absolute confidence in her work, her way of reassuring and her professionalism. Attentive at all times to her evolution and progress, I would choose her again without a doubt. Thanks with all my heart.

Lara de Miguel

March 20, 2021

Comment on:

I went to see Dr. Cañete with the aim of being able to remove it without having to undergo a new intervention. Dr. Ella was very clear from the first visit: you would have to have surgery to remove the fibroid and intervene for the endometriosis. Nobody had talked to me about treating endometriosis until that moment and I am already 39 years old. Despite my initial reluctance to undergo surgery again, they gave me such confidence in what had to be done and that they would achieve a positive result, that I decided that it was necessary to have surgery...


February 21, 2021

Comment on:

Doctor Cañete was recommended to me. I went to see her. From that moment I was aware that she was in the right hands. She treated me with great professionalism and empathy. He explained all the possible options and solutions to my problem. Her deep knowledge about the pathology, her closeness, empathy and kindness of her transmitted me tranquility, security and guarantees to solve my problem...


January 28, 2021

Comment on:

In those moments you harbor many doubts but both the Doctor and her team explain everything to you in such detail that everything is simplified. The security and confidence that they gave me was what made me have the operation. I had the operation 3 weeks ago and everything has gone very well, everything is healing little by little and so far everything is going very well. Very happy to have chosen this very professional Doctor and her team, you change people's lives. Many thanks to both Dr. Cañete and her team (Tamara) always so attentive and kind, an excellent treatment. I recommend 100%


January 28, 2021

Comment on:

They detected several fibroids, including one that invaded the entire uterine cavity. I consulted several gynecologists and they told me that it was a very rare and very complicated case, that I had a good chance of losing my uterus. Dr. Cañete was the only one who gave me guarantees to solve it. The process of the operation has been easy and reassuring, from the advice on the procedures thanks to the exceptional and fast attention of Tamara, the surgical intervention and the postoperative period...


January 25, 2021

Comment on:

A month ago I had a myomectomy with Dr. and I must say that both the treatment and the improvement have been 10. I was surprised by the close and attentive treatment she has had with me and my family, and without a doubt I would recommend it to any woman. who is going through these symptoms to be checked with a true specialist like her. Thank you Dr., My quality of life has improved a lot.


January 7, 2021

Comment on:

Another gynecologist referred me to do an ultrasound, he diagnosed what no one had diagnosed, they operated on me, Dr. Carmona and her, the operation has been a success. I will always be grateful to her professionalism and the way she treats her so humane and kind. The treatment of the staff of the Santa Elena Clinic, and of Tamara and Eva have also been great.

Eunice Garrido

December 11, 2020

Comment on:

I'm Lola, I'm 35 years old and a year and a half ago they told me I had 2 or 3 fibroids, but it's good that nothing happened. My quality of life got horribly worse, with heavy periods for 12 days and bleeding every x amount of time. In a year and a half I attended several gynecologists and none told me that they were to operate, knowing that both my partner and I wanted to be parents. I got tired and researching I saw Dr. Cañete and I did not hesitate to ask her for an appointment...

Lola Fregenal

December 4, 2020

Comment on:

Very grateful for the personal treatment, the tranquility and the empathy in such a delicate situation, the clarity of the explanations to face my case, getting involved in his personal assessment and transmitting so much security. The positivity and optimism transmitted before the intervention, solving all kinds of doubts and fears, the attention and delicacy during the postoperative period, Tamara's help with all the issues that arose...

Marta Alonso

November 12, 2020

Comment on:

Hi, I'm Sandra and I'm 33 years old. I had 3 fibroids that were preventing me from getting pregnant, the specialists I went to before Dr. Cañete always told me about open surgery, laparotomy (if I'm not mistaken), which didn't convince me since I'm not a mother yet. I found Dr. Cañete and from Malaga my husband and I took a suitcase and went to the consultation, from the first moment she gave me a lot of security...

Sandra Rodriguez

November 11, 2020

Comment on:

Hello, my husband and I couldn't get pregnant, even with 3 failed IVFs. So after verifying in the various tests that they did to me, that I had 1 intramural fibroid and 2 subserosal fibroids, luckily they told me about Dr. Cañete. From the beginning the treatment was exceptional, human and close, explaining everything to me in detail. I decided to have a laparoscopic myomectomy on January 30, 2020. After a 4-month recovery, and following the doctor's recommendation, we finally achieved that desired pregnancy....


October 23, 2020

Comment on:

3 years ago I was diagnosed with a fibroid of about 5 cm that had doubled in size. Given my age (49 years), the solution was to remove my uterus. I immediately decided to ask for a second opinion and a friend who had been a patient of Dr. Cañete recommended her to me, she told me that she could not be in better hands. On September 9, I went to her office with a bundle of nerves and I met a doctor who is not only a magnificent professional, but the humane treatment she gave me was incredible....


October 20, 2020

Comment on:

Today, 1 year ago, I had surgery for a "little" big fibroid with a team of wonderful people, headed by DRA CAÑETE. I put myself in their hands because of the TRUST, TREATMENT and PROFESSIONALISM transmitted. Fully recovered many months ago, 1 year later, I just wanted to thank you: it is a pleasure to have a team like yours, both...


October 9, 2020

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My experience with Dr. Cañete has been wonderful. Thanks to her I have preserved my organs and I will be able to have children, something that here, in my community, was not even valued. She has opened up to me a world that I thought was lost, that I no longer believed could be possible. Her complex intervention was carried out without any problem, in fact, her treatment has been so close at all times, that I have felt calm, protected and in the best hands. I encourage all women...


September 28, 2020

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On July 1, Dr. María Luisa Cañete, together with her team, performed a multiple myomectomy by open laparotomy, through which 8 fibroids were extracted. The intervention went very well and most importantly, I was able to preserve my uterus. Doctor María Luisa has been watching me from the first minute. After her intervention, she has worried every day about how I was progressing and it has given me a lot of peace of mind to be able to talk to her and ask her my questions.

Silvia Martín

September 16, 2020

Comment on:

On July 20 at Quirónsalud Toledo Hospital, Dr. Cañete, together with Dr. Hernández and her entire team, performed an open laparotomy myomectomy, removing 8 fibroids, the largest being 16 cm. Despite the complexity of the intervention, everything was successful and I keep my uterus intact with the great hope of fulfilling the dream of being a mother. After knowing my diagnosis in the social security, where they told me that I would lose the uterus with a high probability due to the complexity of the situation; I decided to attend Dr. Cañete's consultation, from which I left with great satisfaction and gratitude for the treatment received...

Ascensión J. Fdez.

September 7, 2020

Comment on:

I had two fibroids detected a long time ago. After suffering increasingly abundant pain and bleeding, I decided to consult the opinion of several gynecologists, who recommended the removal of the uterus, as they considered it to be the most suitable solution to my problem. After reading on the internet the very good opinions that Dr. Cañete had, as well as her excellent resume on the subject, I went to her consultation. From the first moment he recommended the extraction of myomas...

Sandra Laura

August 22, 2020

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